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Iván Sainz

Senior IT professional

Name:Iván Sainz
Date of birth:February 5th, 1977 (47 years old)
Address:Madrid, Spain

This is my technical resume. Please, visit my LinkedIn profile if you are looking for a management-flavoured one.

I am a software architect with a solid career history in organizations of very different nature and magnitude, from small startups to large multinational companies.

I have team leadership, communication and technical skills, developed during my extensive career.

I am used to work remotely, so I have mastered multiple tools and procedures that enable and support this way of working.

Feel very comfortable on the developer advocate and technical writer roles.

Career experience

2002 - present

Ahead Labs

Founder, CEO & Project manager

Provide executive-level leadership with full accountability for all technology operations and projects.

Software development, technical consulting, technical training and custom web hosting company, founded and managed by me since 2002.

  • Define and stablish the company profile and identity, actively engaged in customer prospecting and relationship management.
  • Manage the full life cycle of the recruiting processes, identifying high-calibre technical personnel, needed to support ongoing projects.
  • Oversee and manage the full project life cycle, from the initial concept and proposal all the way through to delivery and subsequent follow-up.
  • Develop and conduct technical training endeavours to remediate educational gaps, both internal and our client’s.
  • Manage the finances of the company.
2014 - 2015


Orchestrated cross-functional efforts of to drive optimal performance of the IT department.

Startup in the automotive sector created to develop an application for vehicle auctions over the Internet.

  • Employed my leadership capabilities to conduct an extensive oversight of the IT department, hiring and relocating personnel to optimize productivity.
  • Oversaw and managed the Software development life cycle (SDLC) on critical initiatives.
  • Built cross-functional collaboration between departments to manage ongoing requests.
  • Developed and led implementation of technical and team building trainings to drive staff performance and ensure a constant improvement process.
  • Ensured operational compliance with all established regulations.
2001 - 2002

Media Net Software (S|ngular Software)

Software developer

Developed several large applications for big companies as an external consultant.

  • Developed the management application for all Addeco France offices. I was integrated in the architecture team.
  • Developed an operation risk control application for Banco de Santander.
2000 - 2001

Eurosoft IT

Software developer

Developed several projects as an external consultant.

  • Maintained the Visa Repsol application.
  • Created the first digital catalog in Ediciones SM.
2000 - 2000


Software developer

Developed internal e-commerce projects in a future facing company.

  • Developed a revenue sharing application for e-commerce websites like and
  • Developed the project, designed to be the spanish Amazon.
1998 - 2000

Comunycarse Network Consultants

Software developer

Developed several projects related to automated fax and VOIP.

  • Developed several plugins and customized several implementations of automated fax for different platforms like RightFax and FacSys.
  • Customized the implementation of VOIP automated answering systems.
1998 - 1998

Instituto Cibernos

Technical trainer

Trainer focused on Internet related technologies.

  • Gave several courses on Internet related technologies.
1997 - 1998

Dunia Tours

Systems engineer and web developer

Technical assistant for a travel agency

  • Maintained the LAN and the computers of the company.
  • Created their first website.
  • Operated the collaboration tools.


Other technical proficiencies

Sotfware testing (unit, integration, acceptance, regression, performance, smoke, split or A/B, caos engineering), responsive web design, DevOps culture, WordPress multilanguage development and ecosystem, .NET & EF Core ecosystem, Angular ecosystem, Jetbrains ecosystem, Visual Studio ecosystem, LAMP ecosystem, Terraform infrastructure-as-code, APIs complete lifecycle, Atlassian ecosystem, Adobe Creative Suite.

1996 - 1998

Instituto Cibernos

Degree in computer science and communications applied to business

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